About the photographer Bernd Arnold

Bernd Arnold works as an artist and as a freelance photographer for German and international print media.

His dominant theme inSelf portrait Bernd Arnold 2007 arts is "Power and Ritual" which he seizes for example in politics, the catholic church and in television studios. The cycle deals with the staging of leadership, control and religion as it is practised in modern society. The photographic works of "Power and Ritual" have already been shown in many national and international exhibitions.

Another focus of Bernd Arnolds interest lies on portrait photography. He has developed his own language of creating an image of – famous as well as unknown – personalities.

Bernd Arnold was born in Cologne/Germany. During his studies of Photography and Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Dortmund he already had the opportunity to work for the daily newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger and the magazines Stern and ZEITmagazin. 1990 he made the foto essay Eine Nacht im Milieu which he presented at his examination by Prof. Cindy Gates, FH Dortmund.

Bernd Arnold works and live in Cologne, Germany.

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Bernd Arnold 2013 Self portrait as a shadow on a tree Maiwald Digitalis – Not to see the wood for the tree landscape photography in East Germany Maiwald Digitalis – Not to see the wood for the tree Bernd Arnold 2007 in Budapest City landscape Cologne with three moons Bernd Arnold 2009 self-portrait with a hand as shadow on body Mimesis – Carinal in Cologne, Germany Still life flower Black East people Don Patterson Pat Martino Little Angie Transcription rituals of election campaign Black East Lagarce love story trees Digitalis Dichography rituals of election campaigns in Germany 1998 feather of a bird – still life Still life farn