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Photojournalism - A Day in Germany - Oskar Lafontaine

Photojournalism - An ordinary day in Germany

It was an ordinary day without any big news. One politician was fighting during the election campaign rally two days before thethe end of regional elections in North Rhine Westphalia. It is one of the last passionate speeches of Oskar Lafontaine as a party leader. In Photo Book Day in Germany - published at Dpunkt Verlagpouring rain, the respond is not entirely enthusiastic.

The 7th of May 2010 was an ordinary Friday, and yet it will be remembered for a long time. Because on that day 432 photographers travelled throughout Germany with their cameras to capture what took place: in schools and living rooms, on football grounds and airports, in parliaments and discotheques. They travelled through villages and towns and were on the lookout for moments which represent this country.

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