the zone

The Zone street photography

The Zone

In every German city there is a place where you can feel at home: The Zone. It is our today`s human culture.

The shopping zone is both home and contemplation. The paths of the contemporary search for salvation with the interfaces from the secular to the sacred are mainly found in the immediate surroundings of the central cathedrals and churches. The flow of the movements of the crowd flows along the open portals that invite redemption.

If the thesis of the media scientist Norbert Bolz is correct, that consumption as a substitute religion protects a society from fanaticism, the masses in the pedestrian zones seem to move on a path of peaceful coexistence...

A documentary view of the canals of today's search for salvation. The photographs were taken in Cologne between 2007 and 2008.
The Zone is the second part of cycle Black East Wild West.

Archival Pigment Prints, sig., st., edition of 3 (overall ed., different sizes) + 2AP.

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