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Power and Ritual

Economic summits in Cologne

The European Union hosted from 3rd to 4th June 1999 the EU Economic Summit in Cologne, Germany.

14 days later the leaders of the eight largest industrial nations met for the world economic summit. At this event the "power of democracy" meet media representatives and politicians.

Vintage gelatin silver prints, 40x50cm up to 80x120cm, sig., stamp., notes, 1999, 2004

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Hillary Clinton
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The power of photojournalism

With about 5000 reporters there's hardly an opportunity for the journalists to take a look behind the scenes. They are romping in hundreds in the press tent, in the cafeteria, in "writing booths" on press conferences. However, every movement is canalized. Up to 100 photographers are standing in one pool fighting over their positions. The front row is the best fit for the ideal reproduction of the self-production of the politicians (in their interest). The photographer's freedom of movement is thus reduced strongly. The pictures are set. The politicians' arrival, the VIP entrance, round table, interviews, press conferences, family photo - these are the official opportunities to make a picture of the politicians...

The photographic essay about the Cologne economic summits thematically belong into the series "Power and Ritual" about closed societies. Other topics are "Night on Demimonde" (1990), "Das Kölner Heil" (1986-97), "Is our world a telly?" (1996) and "Rituals of election campaigns" (1984-2013).
Similar to "Rituals of Election campaigns" the event was also exhibited almost at the same time in the Büro für Fotos (gallery van der grinten galerie) and was updated daily. At the same time the photographs are made for "DIE ZEIT".

The work process was open. Contacts, work prints, publications and concept were available for viewing, so the viewer was able to explore the reality of this event even broader in this magazine to walk in.

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